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Spinner baits can be considered the best choice for bass fishing. Although there are several other options for bass fishing bait and plastic worms, top water plugs, rattling crank bait, jig and pig and jerkbaits or spinner baits Twitchbaits but still the best choice due to its ease and versatility.

Imagine how easy it can match a spinner bait with countless fishing situation and condition. It works well in almost all types of cover and structure at any time of year. Tell summer, autumn, winter and spring, or the state of the water is cloudy or clear, warm or cold, deep or shallow. Spinner baits can be easily adapted and applied to weeds, brush, grass, logs, standing timber, piles of stones, gravel, piers or any other structure or hiding.

How special is that it provides infinite combination of colors, vibration, Flash and shapes. They also act in silence, non-threatening and natural. The combination of the right combination that corresponds to the condition of fishing is essential to the success of catching serious factor. If I can conclude, spinner baits are excellent because of its versatility, capability and flexibility that can not be offered by other baits.

These are the elements or factors you might consider creating and perfecting the right combination of spinner baits

Blade types. There are three types of leaves are the most common Willow Limbe, Colorado blade and Indiana blade. The willow leaf is the most choice all around fishing in clear water because its shape creates enough flash and vibration, non-threatening, much heavier and can run at a faster speed compared to the other two types.

The Colorado blade is suitable for fishing in murky water or cold, due to its ability to move a lot of water and creates more vibrations and move more slowly than the willow leaf. This makes it easier for the fish to locate the bait in poor visibility from the muddy water.

Indiana tear sheet, however, is in danger of Colorado willow leaf can produce excellent vibration moves flash and a large amount of water. This film is ideal for warm water fishing muddy or stained.

Single or trandem blades will be among the options. The single leaf is familiar and versatile it can be used for fishing in deep and shallow waters using various recoveries, such as law, stop and go, floating helicopter and yo-yo. Tandem blade provides more flash and rotate relative to the sole. It is most suitable for fishing in the area and not good for fishing in deep water or slow-moving.

Blade sizes are other options you can choose. There are many different color formats produce different vibrations and flash at any depth. In short, the blade can be changed to suit any fishing condition. The common numbering system, but arbitrary for each type of leaf, starting with the smallest size (# 00) to the largest (# 08)

Blade Colors basically are available in three main colors: silver, gold and copper, with many changes of color or finishes. Is the clarity of the water and the condition of the light that is the determinant of the sheet color to choose.

Skirt and trailers are also useful to add rich color to your spinner bait. But please note that the color combination should not be too much contrast. Rather than the color of the skirt should complement the color of the trailer

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